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Police Record and Office Management Information System (PROMIS)

PROMIS is a Federal Government funded project, approved in April, 2005 at the cost of 1.4 billion rupees to implement it country wide.  The executing agency was National Police Bureau (NPB).

Hardware for the project was provided in 2008, whereas the first generation software was handed over to the end users in August, 2010.  The hardware and software providing firm is Dialog Broadband (DBB), selected by National Police Bureau. The network connectivity, media is Wi-Max within district and Fiber Optic between districts.

Objectives of the Project

  • Provision of basic IT infrastructure to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Automation of Police Station record including FIRs and office management system (in four provinces, AJK, Northern Area Police, Railways Police, FIA Headquarter, National Police Bureau and ICT Police)
  • Provide the required services to various police branches
  • Designing of MIS to facilitate operational activities of police
  • ERP solutions for police including finance & budgeting, assets & accounts, human resources, vehicle management, pay and procurements etc.
  • Strengthening of Police Training Institutes for IT training
  • Provide data sharing facility within Police department to enhance their operational capability to fight against serious and organized crimes


The first generation software of FIR, was deployed in August 2010 in Data Center of Central Police Office (CPO), Punjab. The following achievements have been made since August 2010 to onward:

  • Main Data Center made operational at Central Police Headquarters (CPO) Lahore, with software deployment.
  • 53-Offices of Central Police Office (CPO), Punjab made operational with hardware & application software of PROMIS.
  • Lahore district, 80-Police Stations have been made operational.
  • In addition to this, 77 police stations of eight other districts (Multan(16), Rawalpindi(16), Sargodha(5), Sialkot(6), Faisalabad(17), Okara(4), Gujranwala(10) and Jehlum(3)) are provided equipment, connectivity and the application software of PROMIS.
  • The connectivity established between districts and Main Data Center of CPO, Lahore.
  • Sharing of data within police department.
  • A network of VoIP sets is spread over in the PROMIS deployed P.Ss, with the help of these VoIP sets free of cost call can be made within the established network of PROMIS.
  • Network Monitoring System has been Installed at CPO to monitor the connectivity status of CPO with districts and Model Police Stations (MPSs) in Punjab.
  • FIRs recorded since Jan. 2011 to onward are 335375.
Detail of PROMIS trained officers in Punjab is as below:-
  • Master Trainers: 29
  • PROMIS Data Entry Operators for Punjab: 460
  • PROMIS-HRMS Data Entry Operators for Punjab: 50

Source: Police Computer Bureau. 
Last Updated: 11-11-2014