General Safety Tips


Given below are some measures to be followed by ladies for their safety:

  • Keep the least amount of money while shopping. Use plastic money (Debit/Credit card) as much as possible. 
  • Wear the least amount of jewlellery while shopping.
  • Always hang your purse through neck at front.
  • Keep the vehicle doors locked while driving. 
  • Take necessary precautions while withdrawing huge amount from bank.
  • Do not accept edibles from strangers, and also train the children about it. 
  • Do not allow the strangers to enter home without identification. 
  • Make sure that NIC of your servant is attested by NADRA. Do not employ servants without identification. 
  • Do not leave small kids alone in the custody of single male/female servants. 
  • Train the kids to keep distance from strangers.