Inheritance Rights



Steps for Protection of Inheritance Rights of Women in Punjab - Definite Share of Women in Inheritence

  • To ensure the share of women in inheritence, distribution of property has been held mandatory after sanctioning mutation of inheritance  [S.135-A, 142-A Land Revenue Act]
  • It is mandatory to produce the NIC and Form B of the deceased and all his legal heirs including women, before the revenue officer for the transfer of property. 
  • In case the legal heirs do not reach upon a consensus in 30 days, the concerned revenue officer will himself conduct partition of property among legal heirs according to law. 
  • It is mandatory for the revenue officer to decide the matter of inheritance within 6 months.
  • The registration fee of mutation with respect to transfer of inherited property of women has been abolished. 
  • District Enformence of Inheriance Rights Committee has been established in every district to address and redress the grievance. 
  • Revenue staff is liable to be punished for negligence.
  • Legal heirs can approach the concerned District Collector/DCO in case of complaint.