Message of the IGP Punjab

IGP Amjad Javed SaleemiI am grateful to Allah Almighty for this great honor and responsibility of commanding one of the largest and best police forces in the world. Punjab Police has made it mark in the history of the policing through professionalism, hard work and great sacrifices. I salute to all those brave men & women of Punjab Police who laid down their lives or put their lives in danger on the call of duty. It is also my pleasant duty to acknowledge the dedication of all previous IGPs and commanders of Punjab Police, who contributed in evolution of this prestigious institution.

I am proud of remarkable achievements of this great force and committed to lead it to next level of excellence. We inherited from our predecessors, a rich tradition of dedication to duty and excellent professionalism; we are determined to leave a legacy of a service to the people, par excellence. Empathy, discipline, fair-play and continuous learning are the four corner-stones on which edifice of a modern, professional, public friendly police is built. We cannot win the confidence of masses without ensuring their facilitation, with dignity and respect for all human being who come to us for help, and doing it without any discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed or colour.

I am of the considered view that training has become the most important priority for any organization, aiming at tackling the scio-administrative challenges of our times. The training strategy needs to be comprehensive; encompassing all aspects of policing needs & challenges. Punjab Police has taken initiatives regarding use of information technology at every level of policing, ensuring safety of cities through technology, raising modern anti-riot force and introducing modern gadgetry in fighting crime; much more needs to be done in all these respects. Most important of all is to synergize and harmonize these efforts through careful planning and training from top to bottom.

I am passionate about the welfare of my force; I sincerely believe that much more needs to done for providing better working conditions to all those working under my command. I also strongly believe in police fraternity and looking after the wellbeing of all those officers and men, who put their own lives, families and personal welfare in the line of fire in order to provide security to others. Welfare of families and children of the martyrs will be my top-most priority. 

I pray from Allah Almighty for His guidance, benevolence and support in our efforts to build a safe & peaceful Punjab.

  Inspector General of Police,