Message from the Provincial Police Officer/Inspector General of Police, Punjab

It is a great privilege and a matter of pride to lead Punjab Police which is the best police force of Pakistan. I am grateful to Allah Almighty for this honour. Punjab Police is committed to bring criminals and antisocial elements to book and wipe out criminal hideouts to make the province crime free. To ensure adherence to the rule of law and order we are endeavoring to create an environment of community-oriented policing based on public service. Our foremost priority is to implement National Action Plan in true spirit in order to control crime and maintain a peaceful environment in the province. We are resolved to bring more advancement in our force by enhancing our infrastructural resources. For capacity building at all levels, numerous new policies have been introduced to make the police more efficient.

Many technology based initiatives like Safe City Project (SCP), Police Data Base (PDB), Police Station Record Management System (PSRMS), Complaint Management System (CMS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Criminal Record Management System (CRMS), Fingerprint Database, Crime Mapping App have been started for computerization of Punjab Police. Another landmark of Punjab Police is the replacement of Muharrar system with online complaint system, “Front Desk”, wherein E-Tag is issued to the citizens within five minutes after registration of their complaints. Similarly, professionally trained and well equipped Dolphin Force (DF) and Police Emergency Response Unit (PERU) are leading examples of quick service delivery.

I am thankful to Punjab Government for being very generous in allotting adequate funds to improve policing. Most recent example of this generosity is the grant of full risk allowance to the force to which the honorable Chief Minister gave his consent as soon as the summary reached his office.

Punjab Police has taken many other initiatives for capacity building as well improving infrastructure. Establishment of Anti Riot Force (ARF) for the safety of life and property of citizens during protests and Special Protection Unit (SPU) to protect foreigners and mega projects in the province are living examples of transformation of the police. Homicide Investigation Unit at district level is also a successful example of policy initiatives. The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) is another example of specialization in Punjab Police which has developed into a modern organization. The CTD is bravely fighting against terrorism and extremism in the province and has achieved lot of success.

We firmly believe in community oriented policing as without public help and trust, fight against crime could not be won. Public confidence and trust improves police morale as well as helping in crime tackling. To ensure community participation in policing, efforts are being made at every appropriate level. Establishment of police facilitation centre at district level is a landmark achievement of this scheme. This is certainly restoring public confidence in police and strengthening ties between police and community.

Allah Almighty has given me an opportunity to command a force which has more than 1,400 martyrs. We ensure that we will protect your life, property and honour till our last breath and our martyrs are living examples of our resolve. History is a witness that Punjab Police has never hesitated to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty and in future Punjab Police will continue this struggle to make our land peaceful.

Long live Pakistan.

Capt. (R) Arif Nawaz Khan
Inspector General of Police, Punjab