Man shot dead in district Katcheri; accused held

Mar 16, 2023

SHEIKHUPURA    -    An accused of murder was shot dead by rival inside district Katcheri here on Wednesday. Police held the murderer alongwith murder weapon. According to detail, accused of murder identified as Ghulam Qadir was brought to district Katcheri to produce before the sessions judge. Rival, Zain gunned down Ghulam Qadir and attempted to flee from the scene of the incident but was held by police alongwith murder weapon. Heirs of the deceased held pro­test demonstration against poor securi­ty measures insides the court by placing dead body on GT Road. Later, the police held dialogues with protestors and assured them of strict action against the culprit and improv­ing security situation after which they dispersed peacefully and the body was moved to mortuary.

(The Nation)