6 retired police sniffer dogs find new homes

Feb 17, 2024

LAHORE: At a ceremony held at the Police Dogs Breeding and Training School Bedian on Friday, six retired sniffer dogs from the Canine Unit of Special Branch Punjab Police found new homes through adoption. Special Branch Chief Supervisor Dr Muhammad Usman Asghar, Dog Centre Supervisor Altaf Hussain, as well as handlers and trainers of service dogs attended the ceremony. In recognition of their dedicated service, the retired sniffer dogs were honoured with medals and certificates during the ceremony. An important Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Punjab Police and Animal Rights Organisation JKF, facilitating the transition of retired sniffer dogs to their new owners.

Among the citizens who stepped forward to adopt these loyal companions were Abubakar, who adopted Bazo; Ahmad Masood, who welcomed Martin into his home; Miss Samia, who embraced Silly; Miss Maryam, who took in Hitler; and Al-Habib, who adopted Cruiser. Expressing their commitment to the well-being of the adopted dogs, citizens emphasised the importance of providing them with lifelong care and protection. According to Additional IG Special Branch Zulfiqar Hameed, the adoption initiative aims to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling life for retired sniffer dogs, who have diligently served in safeguarding lives and properties. Zofishan Anushay, head of the private NGO, highlighted the collaborative efforts being made under the MoU with the Punjab Police to secure a brighter future for retired service dogs.