Rickshaw drivers ‘Drive in the left lane please’

Mar 22, 2012

LAHORE: The City Traffic Police (CTP) gave driving lessons to 200 rickshaw drivers at an awareness camp at Shalimar Road on Wednesday, as it sought to improve its relationship with the drivers after their heavy protests over traffic fines last week.

The City Education Unit of the CTP gave lectures about the importance of driving licences, the hazards posed by rickshaws without silencers, and precautionary measures for safe travel. They urged the rickshaw drivers to keep their vehicles in the left-most lane of the road. The drivers were also given pamphlets on traffic rules.

City Division SP (Traffic) Mustafa Hameed visited the awareness camp and thanked the drivers for participating. He said the CTP was trying to minimise the risk of accidents in the city.

City Chief Traffic Officer Sarfaraz Falki, who met with rickshaw union representatives on Monday, said the CTP would organise regular education camps for rickshaw drivers.  Last Friday, police and protesting rickshaw drivers clashed for several hours after one driver climbed up an electricity pylon and threatened to commit suicide because of repeated fines handed out by traffic wardens.

(The Express Tribune)