Police go olive green

Apr 04, 2017

LAHORE - Nearly 31,000 Punjab policemen were seen attired in new olive green dress on Monday, as the Punjab government is on fast track to change police uniforms in a process which will be completed in eight phases.

The uniforms of the Lahore police would be changed in the first phase, whereas the whole conversion would take nine months. Sources said the field staff would be distinguished by a different design than staff working in offices.

Lahore police and central police would be given olive green coloured uniforms and that the field staff would be allowed to wear T-shirts and P-caps in summer.

Lahore police would be provided with 50,458 uniforms in the first phase with the Rawalpindi police being given 26,860 uniforms in the second phase, followed by 25,828 uniforms for Faisalabad in May, 20,786 for Multan by June, 22,832 for Sheikhupura by July, 29,912 for Gujranwala by August, 24,854 for Sarghodha, and 22,722 for Sahiwal and DG Khan by October.

The Punjab constabulary will receive 35,182 uniforms by November.

(The Nation)