Female faith healer arrested for selling infant

Apr 24, 2017

MUZAFFARGARH: Police arrested a woman, claiming to be a faith healer, and her husband for selling a four-month-old child in Muzaffargarh on Sunday. The doctor and his wife who bought the child were also arrested.

Police said the couple had taken their son to a female faith healer identified as Mussarat Bibi in Jhuggi Wala area of Muzaffargarh, where she kept the child inside a room for two hours.

After that she told the parents the child had died and later sold the infant to a doctor Muhammad Ali and his wife for Rs75,000.

The couple told the police the woman had administered an injection to the child, after which he fell unconscious. She asked them to bring a cow so that she could do something to bring the child ‘back to life’. But the parents had suspicion over Mussarat Bibi’s behaviour and informed the police about the matter.

The police acted on the complaint and arrested the accused woman, Muhammad Ali, his wife and others. Further investigation was underway.

A few weeks ago, a fake faith healer in Sargodha tortured over 20 people to death over fears they would poison him. It was later revealed the man had feared they would not let him take over as in-charge of a shrine in the area, where he was the custodian and the people he had killed were his followers.

Earlier in 2016, a fake pir in Ferozwal’s Saghian Tehsil tortured a girl in a bid to get her free of a djinn. The pir along with accomplices brutally beaten the girl with sticks and severely injured her.

The victim family took Aneeqa to fake pir and asked to pray for her marriage. The pir assaulted Aneeqa after declaring her possessed with jinn. The victim was taken to nearby hospital in critical condition while the fake pir fled the scene.

(Express Tribune)