Punjab IGP submits report on Zainab’s murder in SC

Jan 12, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Inspector General of Punjab Police on Thursday submitted a report in the Supreme Court pertaining to the rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl, Zainab, in Kasur that has sparked outrage throughout the country.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took suo moto notice of the incident on Wednesday. The chief justice had sought report from the IGP Punjab and in pursuance of the order, the IGP submitted the report in the apex court. The report contained autopsy details of the girl.

The court was informed that so far, 227 persons have been interrogated in the case. As per the report, the medical examination was conducted by the Women Medical Centre, and contains details of the victim’s body. The report revealed that anterior abdominal was greenish and tongue is protruding out from teeth. Hyoid bone (was) fractured and the muscles attached were congested with blood oozing from the neck muscles on dissection. Similarly, the report stated that eyes of the victim were closed and mouth semi-opened (small amount of clotted blood in right nostril and on the lower lip.

The IGP submitted that a large number of CCTV footages of various cameras installed on nearby roads/streets comprising of long hours of videos were worked out by deputing a number of personnel. It said the IT team managed to work out video footage of unidentified suspect carrying abducted girl in a remote area of Peru Wala Road, Kasur.

Apart from details pertaining to autopsy report, the police chief also provided details relating to steps being taken by police for tracing the culprits involved in the brutal murder of the girl. The report stated that house to house search with help of last crime scene witness was carried out to identify the culprits.

Sabah adds: Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar expressed grief and condolences over the brutal murder of Zainab and remarked that the head of the entire nation hangs in shame over the heinous incident which has caused embarrassment to the country.

He made the remarks while hearing the case of Al Razi Medical College Peshawar on Thursday. He also observed that more than him, his wife is disturbed over the incident. The chief justice said that although (the nation is in) grief and anger there is still no justification for the lawyers’ strike.

The Punjab Bar Council announced a complete boycott of courts on Thursday as lawyers demanded immediate arrest of Zainab’s killer(s). “My wife is even more aggrieved than I am over the heinous crime,” the chief justice remarked.

He maintained that Kasur incident is an embarrassment to the entire country as Zainab was their daughter too. He insisted that lawyers may stage protest against the brutal killing, but should not boycott court proceedings as the litigants will suffer.

Commenting on the case, the CJP said that he wanted such a team of doctors that can conduct inspection of medical colleges. Talking to Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, he pronounced that lawyers’ movement could not run without him while his same role is also needed on the matter of medical colleges.

The chief justice said the movement also had negative results as the judges became arrogant while the lawyers turned violent. “Arrogance is a menace and the death of a judge. I also request the lawyers to leave violence,” he said. The court adjourned the hearing of the case till next week.

(The News)