Crackdown against elimination of bonded labour on Bricks Kilns

On the directions of Inspector General Police Punjab Captain retired Arif Nawaz Khan a special crackdown against elimination of bonded labour on Bricks Kilns is continued on across all districts of Punjab. In continuation of this crackdown, 1356 inspections of kilns have been conducted under supervision of DPOs and SDPOs from 25th April to 26th April across all Punjab and 117 cased have been registered against owners and managers of the kilns arresting 80 individuals who were found in this practice. Among arrested persons there are 29 owners of kilns and 51 are managers of these kilns while 141 children have been recovered from these kilns under Child Labour Act 2016. It is note worthy that IG Punjab captain Retired Arif Nawaz Khan has formally directed to CCPO Lahore, all RPOs and DPOs to keep this campaign of crackdown moving on by which registration of FIRs against owners and managers of kilns are being ensured who were found in bonded labour by labourers, women and children so that bonded and child labour may be swept away from the province completely.

(Handout No.67)
Director Public Relations, Punjab Police.


Press Release Date: 
Friday, April 27, 2018