Establishment Of School Of Investigation At Sihala Training College

Sep 19, 2018

Inspector General of Police Punjab Muhammad Tahir said that establishment of Aftab Ahmed Khan School of investigation at Police training college Sehala Rawalpindi is a revolutionary step whose basic motive is to improve professional efficiencies of investigation officers of police.

The main objective of Investigation School is to keep the investigation officers aware of modern knowledge and operation method of Forensic Science so that they may perform their duties efficiently.

DIG Training Faraan Baig while briefing IG Punjab about the school told that this School has been decorated with three class rooms, digital forensic lab, library, offices and staff room where eighty investigation officers can attend modern training and refresher courses simultaneously.

The start of training courses of first batch under the supervision of international and national instructors will be held from 24th of September in which investigation officers from the whole country will be given professional training of investigation and digital forensic with respect to modern subjects.

The motive of establishment of School of Investigation is to improve the performance of investigation officers by providing them with modern criminal investigation knowledge and training.

With this modern investigation procedure, the investigation officers will be able to exploit modern research method in the field of forensic science and collect the initial evidences from the crime scenes in order to proceed investigation of cases and to unveil the criminals and get them sentenced by court.

It is here noteworthy that the establishment of Aftab Ahmed School of Investigation came into existence with the cooperation of German Institution of Deutche Gesellschaft Zusammenarbeit Internationale whose basic purpose is to keepinvestigation officers aware of the modern skills of crime investigation.

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