Police arrest suspected rapist, murderer of child

Nov 25, 2019

Police Punjab Inspector General Captain (r) Arif Nawaz Khan has sought a report and directed the Faisalabad RPO to arrest a man convicted in a case related to the sexual abuse and murder of 10-year-old child namely Shazia in Jhang.

Upon this, the police started investigation after registering a case against an unidentified alleged person. It is worth remembering that the corpse of the child was found by the roadside and her post-mortem revealed that she was murdered after sexual abuse. The Faisalabad RPO had constituted police teams to trace and arrest the accused person by finding the facts based on scientific means.
Police teams succeeded in arresting an accused, Asif Habeeb, s/o Ghulam Habib, by tracing the blind murder with the help of modern and scientific methods of geo-fencing. Further legal proceedings and action against the convict are being taken.
(Daily Times)