Punjab IG for just implementation of laws for protection of citizens

Nov 29, 2019

Police Punjab Inspector General Shoaib Dastgir said that leadership of Punjab Police is not wielding huge power but it’s the name of responsibility of service and protection of public so it is crystal clear that we are to ensure just implementation of laws for protection of the citizens and in this process no one including me is above the law.

He said that if someone thinks that he will misuse his powers due to power of uniform then he will not be accepted at any cost. He further said that command of good deeds and prevent from ill deeds is the true spirit of Police therefore the system of punishment and reward will be made better by ensuring professionalism and observation of merit in the department so that good officers should be encouraged who ensure best service delivery to public and negligent, carelessness officers or officials who misuse power should be held accountable strictly. He said that those officers will remain the part of my team who will work in accordance with the policy priorities.

He moreover said that the objective of Police is to impart sense of security to the society and maintain sense of protection because 2 lac force of the province cannot provide security to 11 crore population individually but a peaceful environment may be provided to the citizens by controlling overall crimes and Punjab Police will ensure every possible effort with honesty, hard work and professionalism in this regard. He further said that the modern projects and other good trends set by the former officers will be continued and new projects and steps will also be taken if some better performance is required. These views were expressed by him when he was talking to media personnel after taking charge of Inspector General Police Punjab.

A spirited police squad offered salutations to IG Punjab upon his arrival at Central Police Office whereas all officers of central police office welcomed him. IG Punjab responded to queries of media persons and said that the concept of State of Madina was not met within one or two days and basically it is the concept of welfare state where equal implementation of law and protection to the citizens with justice will be imparted and Punjab Police will adopt this guide line for its line of action. He further said that policing is a permanent journey in which changes and new trends are being incorporated according to the time and situation so smart community policing will be continued on keeping in view the contemporary needs.

He further said that media should also compare the available resources, issues with performance while holding police accountable so that police may play its role in the society effectively with constructive criticism by the media. He further said that Police have many challenges in up gradation of training system, deficit in available resources, maintaining law and order for which steps will be taken to strengthen professionalism, observation of merit and environment of trust between Public and Police. He added that, there is scarcity of mutual trust in the society where we live in and Police are also the part of same society.

He said that to bridge this gap of trust between public and police, steps shall be taken for open door policy in order to promote this trust and the public will have to perform its constructive role in forming a peaceful society. IG Punjab further said while responding to questions to journalists that the process of digitization is going on speedily and 8787 IGP complaint centre is playing an instrumental role for resolution of grievances of the citizens and I myself will monitor the performance of 8787 complaint centre for quick compensation of grievances of the public.

After this, IG Punjab held first meeting with officers of Central Police Office and issued important directions regarding fulfillment of professional tasks. IG Punjab directed that all officers should work with honesty, true spirit and hard work in performance of departmental issues so that better decisions regarding matters of crime control and administration might be taken and public complaints could be addressed timely. He stressed that for provision of best service delivery, focus should be on projects like police Khidmat Markaz and front desk and also their effective monitoring should be ensured. He added that there should be no delay in taking actions through internal accountability against those officers or officials who are found guilty of trespassing their powers whereas public opinion regarding police can only be changed by showing positive performance and making the department stronger.

He further said that training syllabus should be concentrated deeply for improving the standard of training and capacity building. He said that all officers should work with full commitment and diligence in order to facilitate the citizens. He said that all field officers will be bound to abide by and implement the devised SOPs issued by central police office and no negligence, carelessness and slackness shall be tolerated in this regard.

He further said that steps should be taken to ensure resolution of issues regarding welfare of families of Police martyrs and Ghazis on priority basis. All Addl IGs, CCPO Lahore, DIGs, AIGs with other senior officers of Central Police Office were present at this occasion.

(Daily Times)