IGP for improvement in internal accountability system

Dec 01, 2019

LAHORE: Issuing policy guidelines for the newly-appointed field police officers, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Shoaib Dastgir has warned that he will not spare any of them for not following his instructions in letter and spirit.

Addressing the first regional police officers (RPOs) conference held at Central Police Office on Saturday, he said his main objective was protection of life and property of people with the supremacy of law.

“Only those officers will remain part of my team who follow my guidelines and objectives,” the IGP said.

He also indicated that the internal accountability mechanism would be made stronger to enhance the performance of public service delivery.


Mr Dastgir made it clear that RPOs and district police officers (DPOs) should take best output from their subordinates because those who did not observe merit policy and deviate from policy guidelines, would have to face strict accountability and also removal from designation. He said misbehavior with citizens, abuse and illegal detention would not be tolerated at any cost and there would be no delay in taking stern departmental actions against such officers.

“The action of police for the prevention of crimes may only be beneficial when ratio of crime lowers considerably,” he said, adding the officers had better spend most of their time in field. They should also monitor the progress of investigation officers along with ensuring implementation of laws effectively regarding prevention of crimes.

He said the inspection of police stations and police offices should be in accordance with the true spirit of inspection.“Inspection should be done keeping in view all aspects including cleanliness, renovation and the performances of the officers.”

He said the newly posted officers had been selected on the basis of their previous performance and reputation and these designations would be held by them until unless they would be ensuring public service delivery and positive results as compared to their reputation.

Mr Dastgir said all officers should monitor their subordinates and pay surprise visits to police stations so that the issues of people may be resolved along with betterment in the system.

The officers/officials who misused their uniform would have to face the accountability and such faces would be uncovered.

He said police torture, illegal detention or death under police arrest were not acceptable and officers and officials found guilty of such practices would have to be accountable and answerable.

(Daily Dawn)