Traffic Police

Traffic Police in Punjab has two main components under the current command & control structure. Traffic wardens with grayish blue uniform are performing traffic management in the five City districts i.e. Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan & Gujranwala and have been notified as Punjab Traffic Warden Service. Traffic Police Punjab with white shirt & blue trousers are performing duties in the remaining 31 districts.

An officer of SSP rank known as Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) is the incharge of Traffic Police in City districts Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan & Gujranwala, and are under the operational control of their respective CPOs, whereas in Lahore it is under the administrative and operational control of CCPO Lahore.

In the ramaining 9 Regions of Punjab, one SP is supervising Traffic in each Region and is known as SP Traffic Region, whereas an ASP/DSP is posted in each district as Incharge Traffic district, who is administratively answerable to the respective SP Traffic Region but is under the operational control of DPO concerned. DIG of Police Traffic Punjab is looking after the operational matters of Traffic Regions of Punjab under the command of Addl. IGP Traffic stationed at Traffic Hqrs. Qurban Lines Lahore.

In addition, Traffic Management on 12 selected Provincial Highways is being carried out by Punjab Highway Patrol under the command of Addl. IGP PHP, whereas NH & Motorways Police is supervising traffic management on N-5 falling in Punjab i.e. from Attock to Sadiqabad.

All Traffic enforcement agencies focus their attention on preventing road accidents. Traffic policing is based on analysis of accident data and targeted to the roads and locations where accidents occur most frequently. Traffic police training is meant to create a specialist traffic police force skilled in use of modern enforcement equipment, tactics and strategies. The basic aim is to regulate traffic, enforce traffic laws, issue driving licenses and render help to road users and accident victims. Apart from traffic laws enforcement, traffic police also concentrate on traffic education and inculcate traffic laws and educate public on road safety.