Archived Tenders

Sr. No. Title Tender Document Tender Status
211 Tender Notice for the Purchase/Repair of different building works/items for Investigation Branch, Punjab (Opening Date: 01.04.2018) PDF icon 1-T.pdf Closed
212 Tender Notice for the repair & renovation of offices of SPU Farooqabad, Sheikhupura (Opening Date: 07.04.2018) PDF icon T.pdf Closed
213 Tender Notice for the purchase of various items for Punjab Police (Opening Date: 05.04.2018) PDF icon T-5808.pdf Closed
214 Tender Notice for the Purchase of Stationery, computer Stationery, Misc. articles, spare parts of vehicles and building for Punjab Police, Khushab (Opening Date: 07.04.2018) PDF icon Tendr.pdf Closed
215 Tender Notice for repair/replacement of spare parts of Govt vehicle no LEG 511Toyota Hilux D/C for the Elite Force, Punjab, Lahore. (Opening Date: 20.02.2018) PDF icon 92779T.pdf Closed
216 Tender Notice for the purchase of spare parts/repair works for the Motor Transport Punjab, Lahore. (Opening Date: 19.02.2018) PDF icon 92777T.pdf Closed
217 Tender Notice for purchase of different filters Govt. Vehicles for Elite Police Force, Lahore. (Opening Date: 13.02.2018) PDF icon T-409.pdf Closed
218 Tender Notice for the Purchase & Repair ofFurniture, Stationary/Computer Stationary, Misc. Store Items maintenance of Front Desk in PSc, Tent & Paul, Uniform, Sports Items Batteries, Spare Parts of Vehicles, Mobil Oil, Mianwali. (Opening Date: 12.02.2018) PDF icon T-1818.pdf Closed
219 Tender Notice for the Purchase of Spare Parts/Repair Works for Motor Transport, Punjab, Lahore. (Opening Date: 06.02.2018) PDF icon 925-T.pdf Closed
220 Tender Notice for repair and renovation of offices of Unit at Farooqabad and Sheikhupura for SPU (Opening Date: 24.01.2018) PDF icon SPU.pdf Closed
221 Tender Notice for the Purchase of Stationer and Computer Stationery for the Punjab Police.(Opening Date: 30.01.2018) PDF icon 261-T.pdf Closed
222 Tender Notice for repair/maintenance of Machinery Items/Parts installed in CPO, Lahore. (Opening Date: 25.01.2018) PDF icon Tender.pdf Closed
223 Tender Notice for the Purchase of Various Items for Punjab Police (Opening Date: 16 & 18.1.18) PDF icon 291220170337453761345587365.pdf Closed
224 Tender Notice for the Purchase of Electrical Items for Police Training College Lahore (Opening Date: 10.1.18) PDF icon PTcollege.pdf Closed
225 Tender Notice for the Purchase & Repair of Transport Items/Parts for Special Protection Unit Punjab, Lahore. (Opening Date: 03.01.2018) PDF icon 17864-T.pdf Closed