40 arrested for quail fight

Apr 03, 2017

RAHIM YAR KHAN: The police arrested 40 people for betting on a quail fight from Markazi Eidgah on Sunday.

On a tip-off, City A division raided the Eidgah where a quail fight was in progress. Forty gamblers were arrested while four of them managed to escape.

Police claimed to have recovered Rs103,500 stake amount, 32 mobile phones, two motorcycles and six quails and registered a case against the suspects. A police source said the police had recovered more than Rs400,000 and 18 quails but did not show it in report.

The value of fighting quails ranged from Rs50,000 to Rs60,000 each and the gamblers had come from many cities, including Khanpur and Ahmedpur East.

(Daily Dawn)